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When was the last time you had your IT equipment, computer printers and phones cleaned?

If you cannot remember, then you are like most other people. In an office environment there are numerous computer related items, and we don't tend to think about cleaning them that often. Let's think about that button we all seem to press when using the office photocopier or printer. How many finger prints do you think are on it?

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According to scientic research, bacteria and viruses can survive on commonly used office equipment, such as printers, telephones, computers and even on ATM's! These surfaces are potential sources of infectious bacteria and viruses leading to the spread of colds, flu, sickness and diarrhoea

Long after you have turned off the office lights germs carry on multiplying on your telephones and computers, while dust and dirt builds up on your office equipment.


FCEGROUP is trained to safely clean your equipment thoroughly. You can enjoy clean keyboards and telephones. You will feel safe knowing FCEGROUP uses biodegrable sanitising solutions to clean your equipment reducing the transmission of bacteria and germs. Our trained cleaners and cleaning staff ensure prompt customer service with a smile. Therefore we are highly skilled business cleaners that provide business business cleaning.